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Real Food Festivals: Taking Forward the Legacy of Australian Food!

Here is your one-stop platform for all things related toAustralian food in the Sunshine Coast and throughout Queensland! Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure like no other as we bring you the latest and most comprehensive information about the Australia’s most delectable foods and events.

At Real Food Festivals, we are passionate about celebrating the rich tapestry of flavors and cultures of Australia that come together at gastronomic gatherings hosted by us in forms of workshops. We curate a diverse array of food workshops, ensuring there's something to satisfy every palate.

Stay up-to-date with the latest announcements and exclusive workshops hosted by renowned chefs and culinary experts. Real Food Festivals is dedicated to keeping you informed about the most mouthwatering dishes and innovative food trends hitting the scene in Asutralia. From farm-to-table delights to modern Australian cuisines, you'll find a delightful assortment of culinary delights awaiting your discovery.

There is no better way to familiarise yourself with the most delicious foods in Australia than by attending the workshops hosted by Real Food Festivals. Information has always been key in all aspects of life, which is why you should overlook it when it comes to food. Many people all around Australia consider themselves foodies. Real Food Festivals exist for such people because our primary aim is to keep these individuals informed about the latest happenings as well as anything they might be helpful when it comes to foods in Australia. If you are a foodie, you should consider attending our next workshop to learn more about the best dishes in Australia.

Whether you're craving savory delights, sweet treats, or artisanal creations, our platform will guide you through the sensory journey of Australian Food. Let’s come together to explore the history, legacy and presentof Australian Cuisines. Get ready to immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, indulge in sumptuous delights, and forge unforgettable memories at our workshops across the Sunshine Coast and Queensland.

Join us at Real Food Festivals

Let your taste buds be tantalized as we embark on a delicious food exploration adventure of Australian food and its legacy together!

Discover, savor, and celebrate gastronomic recipes and more related to old and modern Australian Cuisine. Find your foodie paradise and make unforgettable moments by visiting variousour workshopsand more.

Must Attend

Food Workshopsin Sunshine Coast

Coastal Tastes Festival

A seaside feast with fresh seafood and local delicacies by the beach.

Flavors of the Hinterland

Indulge in gourmet Australian treats and artisanal delights.

Food Truck Fiesta

A rolling Australian culinary carnival.

Sweet Sensations Fair

Dessert lovers' paradise.

Brews & Bites Festival

Craft beer enthusiasts unite.

Spice Fusion Expo

A celebration of diverse Australian cuisines, featuring a fusion of flavors.

Farm-to-Table Fair

Experience the freshest Australian produce.

Culinary Arts Extravaganza

Australian Food Masterclasses, chef demos, and gourmet experiences.

Locations & Workshops

Our Most Popular Workshops Across Queensland

  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Townsville
  • Workshop 1: Taste of Australia's Indigenous Flavours
    Introduction to Australian Indigenous Cuisine:

    History and significance of native ingredients in traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cooking.

    Native Ingredient Tasting:

    Participants sample ingredients like kangaroo, emu, finger lime, wattleseed, and bush tomatoes.

    Cooking Demonstrations:

    Skilled chefs showcase how to use these native ingredients in modern dishes with a focus on sustainability.

    Hands-on Cooking Experience:

    Attendees prepare dishes like emu steak with quandong sauce, kangaroo skewers, and lemon myrtle-infused desserts.

    Cultural Insights:

    Engaging talks on the cultural significance of traditional Australian dishes and their connection to the land.

  • Workshop 2: A Journey Through Australian Culinary Heritage
    Historical Overview:

    Delve into the roots of Australian cuisine, influenced by European settlers and immigrant cultures.

    Regional Dishes:

    Explore iconic Australian recipes from different regions of the Sunshine Coast.

    Hands-on Cooking Session:

    Participants learn to prepare classic dishes such as meat pies, damper bread, and seafood specialties.

    Local Produce Appreciation:

    Highlighting the use of locally sourced ingredients and their impact on Australian culinary identity.

    Guest Chef Presentations:

    Renowned chefs share their expertise on preserving and reinterpreting traditional Australian recipes.

  • Workshop 3: Modern Australian Fusion Fare
    Introduction to Modern Australian Cuisine:

    Understand the evolution of Australian food, blending diverse influences from Asia, the Mediterranean, and beyond.

    Fusion Cooking Techniques:

    Demonstrations of fusion cooking methods, incorporating global flavors with Australian produce.

    Creative Fusion Dishes:

    Hands-on experience creating fusion dishes like Thai-inspired barramundi, Greek-style lamb, and more.

    Wine Pairing:

    Expert sommeliers guide attendees in pairing Australian wines with fusion dishes for a perfect harmony of flavors.

    Contemporary Culinary Trends:

    Discussion on the latest trends in Australian cuisine and its growing presence in the international culinary scene.

  • Workshop 1: Brisbane's Riverfront Eats
    Exploring Local Markets:

    Guided tour of Brisbane's vibrant markets to discover fresh, regional produce and artisanal treats.

    Riverfront Cooking Class:

    Learn to cook iconic Brisbane dishes while enjoying stunning views of the Brisbane River.

    Brisbane Food History:

    Engaging talks on the city's culinary heritage and its influence on modern dining scene.

  • Workshop 2: Flavors of Multicultural Brisbane
    Culinary Diversity:

    Insightful presentations on the diverse cuisines brought by immigrants that shaped Brisbane's food scene. If you wish to own a business in the city, we will also guide you through many reputed and profitable Small Business for sale Brisbane. You can find them on the most reputed web portal Business2sell, who have thousands of listings from all regions and suburbs of Australia. International Cooking Demos:

    Expert chefs demonstrate signature dishes from different cultures like Vietnamese, Greek, and Indian.

    Cultural Food Traditions:

    Participants gain a deeper understanding of the customs and traditions behind each cuisine.

  • Workshop 3: Artisanal Food Craftsmanship
    Meet Local Artisans:

    Visit local bakeries, cheese makers, and small-batch producers to witness traditional food crafting.

    Hands-on Workshops:

    Attendees get hands-on experience in making bread, cheese, and other artisanal delights.

    Sustainable Food Practices:

    Discussions on the importance of supporting local producers and sustainable food production. We also discuss on how to support local service businesses like Bond Cleaning in Brisbane, company offering eco-friendly cleaning options to keep your restaurant and food station clean and sanitised.

  • Workshop 7: Coastal Gastronomy: From Sea to Plate
    Seafood Extravaganza:

    Explore the diverse marine bounty of the Gold Coast with a focus on sustainable fishing practices.

    Cooking Seafood with Chefs:

    Learn cooking techniques and preparation of fresh seafood delicacies.

    Ocean Conservation:

    Informative sessions on the importance of preserving marine ecosystems and responsible seafood consumption. Our partners in this event will be BR, the Best Removalists Gold Coast, who have taken the initiative to enlighten community about Green Living.

  • Workshop 8: Surfers' Paradise Bites
    Food Truck Culture:

    Delve into the thriving food truck scene, offering a fusion of flavors from around the world.

    Surfers' Fusion Fusion:

    Hands-on workshop creating dishes inspired by global surfing destinations.

    Beachside Cooking:

    Enjoy cooking sessions with an ocean view, incorporating fresh coastal ingredients.

  • Workshop 9: Gold Coast's Wineries & Gourmet Delights
    Vineyard Tour:

    Explore Gold Coast's lush vineyards and learn about wine production from local vintners.

    Wine and Food Pairing:

    Expert-led tasting sessions to discover the perfect wine matches for various gourmet dishes.

    Cooking with Local Wine:

    Participate in cooking classes where wine becomes an essential ingredient in exquisite recipes.

  • Workshop 1: Tropical Fusion Fare
    Tropical Produce Showcase:

    Discover exotic fruits, herbs, and spices unique to the tropical climate of Townsville.

    Fusion Cooking with Local Ingredients:

    Hands-on cooking experience with an emphasis on fusing tropical flavors with international cuisines.

    Indigenous Culinary Influences:

    Understand how Indigenous ingredients and cooking techniques play a role in Townsville's cuisine.

  • Workshop 2: Townsville's Street Food Fiesta
    Street Food Safari:

    Explore the bustling street food scene in Townsville, featuring a mix of global flavors.

    Street Food Cooking Demos:

    Chefs demonstrate how to recreate popular street food dishes from around the world.

    DIY Street Food Booth:

    Participants create their street food booths and serve their unique creations.

  • Workshop 3: Townsville's Culinary Heritage & Bush Tucker
    Townsville Food History:

    Dive into the city's culinary heritage, shaped by its rich cultural history and traditions.

    Bush Tucker Discovery:

    Learn about native ingredients and their traditional uses in Indigenous cooking.

    Bush Tucker-inspired Cooking:

    Participate in hands-on sessions preparing contemporary dishes infused with bush tucker flavors.

Locations & Workshops

Our Most Popular Workshops Across Queensland

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